WUDPAC class of 2011

I was thrilled to see my classmates and have our Oral Presentations this past Tuesday.  Renee Wolcott’s presentation was one of the most memorable, because the projector began shaking part way through and someone in the audience shouted out ‘it’s an Earthquake!’ and then 10 seconds later everything was calm again, and Renee continued with her presentation.

Of course this would be my class, natural disaster - ha! we just keep going, I am hugely proud of all of my classmates and watching all of them present about the work they have done has reminded me of how far we have all come in the past three years. It is also exciting to hear about where they will be going and what they will be doing, I hope we will stay in touch and keep each other informed.  It is exciting to hear about their research about separating water damaged photographic negatives, protective coatings for murals, coatings and cleaning methods for stone, the paintings of Richard Caton Woodville, and architectural paint analysis.  The whole day was like a miniature AIC meeting, I feel like I contributed and learned many interesting ideas.

I have also been thinking about what makes a student decide to go to Delaware for grad school, there is a lot of bucolic beauty in Delaware and most of my classmates really enjoy the outdoors, a few of us have pets like dogs or cats that we love, and we were all really supportive and helpful of each other while each working very independently. I am

I am going to be sad to leave Delaware, I just went for a walk in Brandywine park, probably for the last time, and tonight I am going to the beach with my friend, Delawarian Josie Albert.  I love the trees here, the way it will slowly rain all day and how that makes staying inside and working seem really cozy and pleasant.

Brandywine Park