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  1. The process and the product
    Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentwood chair, originally uploaded by Powerhouse Museum Collection. Here’s a quick blog post to catch up about the project and the strange and wonderful places it has taken me.  I got a huge response from conservators internationally from the posting to the OSG-l and the consdist list.  Since no [...]
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  2. Refocusing on the museum environment
    World’s Columbian Exposition: Liberal Arts Building, Chicago, United States, 1893., originally uploaded by Brooklyn Museum.     After some initial research and the making of a bibliography, I went on a bit of a tangent in my reading.  There are a number of discussions about buildings and how they should be built to be more energy efficient.  [...]
    Filed in energy conservation, Environmental Standards for Collections, environmental management, WUDPAC | 11-Oct-09 | 2 comments
  3. Bibliography Environmental Management, Standards, and Energy Conservation
    This posting lists the current bibliography for my independent study.  I would love to receive feedback about these books and articles as I begin to compile this research. Especially if there is an excellent article about these topics that I missed. I wanted to post this bibliography online because I found a lot of the information [...]
    Filed in Environmental Standards for Collections, energy conservation, HVAC, preventive, sustainability, Art Conservation, environmental management, WUDPAC | 29-Sep-09 | 5 comments
  4. Conservation of Materials and Resources
    Smoke stacks (LOC), originally uploaded by The Library of Congress. Inspired partially by Daniel Cull’s article about Conservationists, and my mother, who has been an active participant in sustainability (she began recycling in the 1970’s), I have decided to study environmental management and sustainability for my preventive conservation independent study. I am going to use [...]
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