At the AIC 2012 meeting in Albuquerque, my love of green chili’s cannot be satiated

My husband could tell you, I love food.  It is impressive, I am usually hungry every 2 hours and have to be fed, like a bird, or I tend to get h-angry, and that isn’t pretty.  I wonder if this is a condition, but probably not.

I have found a few places I would like to try out while in Albuquerque, it may be difficult because I am a vegetarian so no carne or pollo, but I do enjoy fish and I try to be flexible when out of my own kitchen, nothing is worse than watching someone grill a waiter about whether chicken broth was used to boil the rice, let’s be kind to the humans as well.


Cecilia’s Cafe - open 7AM-2PM, looking forward to a burrito

6th St SW at Silver Street

Cafe Green - open 7AM - 3PM,

319 5th St SW at Silver Street, local and they can probably help me out with some veg, they are called Cafe Green!

Gold Street Cafe -open 7AM - 9PM

218 Gold Ave SW between 2nd and 3rd, Veggie Enchiladas :)

Good for late nite:

Blackbird Buvette - open 11AM - 2AM - call ahead to see if there is a band or cover 505-243-0878

509 Central Ave NW - between 5th and 6th

Ibiza at the Hotel Andaluz - rooftop bar, open 5PM to close, dress code, possible cover charge, call 505-242-9090

125 2nd St NW at Copper

This one is probably worth the hike, perhaps on Monday when I will be exploring Albuquerque I will make it 2 miles to:

Duran’s Pharmacy - open 9AM - 6:20PM

1815 Central NW - between Laguna Blvd and Lomas Blvd

If anyone would like to go on a culinary adventure in Albuquerque with me, give me a call at 480-406-2721.  All my lunches are filled (CSCP sustainability lunch on Wednesday, appointment on Thursday, EMG lunch on Friday), and my hotel has complimentary breakfast, but dinner or drinks would be a great chance to catch up and discuss the finer points of conservation conferences (is there a conspiracy to have business meetings before 9AM so we are all bleary-eyed and confused about what we are voting on, I wonder?)