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Founded in 1994, Shuangye stationery is located in Luohe City, the hometown of Saint of Chinese characters xushen in Shuowen Jiezi. It is a professional stationery manufacturer with the right of self import and export, integrating production, sales and scientific research.

The main products are: eraser series for students, art, office, educational toys, ruler series for students, DIY series for children, nearly 1000 categories.

After more than 20 years of steady development, double leaf stationery now has new and efficient material and mold making equipment and technology, efficient and energy-saving servo injection molding machine and manipulator, as well as independently developed advanced production equipment such as rubber extrusion stamping cutting packaging integrated machine, which provides a solid guarantee for the high quality of double leaf products.

Double leaf stationery has been aware of the rapid changes in the market for many years, keeping pace with the times, constantly introducing advanced production technology and design elements at home and abroad, learning from the excellent experience in the field of international stationery, innovating and expanding the professional product categories, and creating comfortable, interesting, high-quality and priced double leaf stationery products.

Life and green embrace, human beings and ecology coexist.

Double leaf stationery attaches great importance to both production and environmental protection construction. It not only actively introduces advanced RCO environmental protection equipment to achieve zero emission of waste gas, but also uses ecological environmental protection materials, establishes detection mechanism, and regularly submits for inspection and test to ensure that the products meet the standards of QB / t2309 and gb21027, so that parents can rest assured and children are intimate.

Now, under the guidance of the brand strategy, guided by the excellent professional level and market demand, together with the global like-minded customers, double leaf stationery once again ushers in a new era of rapid development.


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